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Oops! You caught me before I'm ready!

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Thanks so much for your interest in my blog...but i'm not QUITE ready!

Very soon I hope you'll join me as I share long-brewing thoughts about home and design, and the longing for homes that are meaningful. I'll be exploring memories and influences in my own life, and how I've found myself drawn to interior design and architecture. That said, I'm also curious about how well those professions guide us to create spaces that nurture our souls. How can we do better?

But hey, not everything is so serious! I have lots to share with you, with random topics that I just have to get out of my system. Wit, whimsy and nostalgia are on the agenda -- and maybe even some music to accompany us.

While I'm building this site and preparing posts for you, I wanted to introduce Libby, featured in the blog image. This framed photograph has followed me to to six -- six! -- homes in the past ten years, and her sweet image has graced many a secret niche. She' continues to warm my heart, and is part of what I consider Home. Libby was photographed by artist Barbara Gundle -- there's more information about both of them at this link.

Thanks so much for joining me -- I can't wait to get started!

- L

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